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We're here to help you remind yourself that your endeavor, your goal, your dream is within reach and all you need is consistency and discipline

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Our Mission

Everyone has unlimited potential to fulfill their dreams. Visual and verbal affirmations are powerful tools to help achieve your goals whether its in business, fitness, relationships, and life. We want to be your accountability partner and help get you there. 

How to cultivate discipline

Write down your goal

Goals for career, business, fitness, relationships, and everything else in life

Don't Break the Chain

Create a list of tasks. Everyday, complete a task and cross out the day. Do not break the chain and let one day go where you didn't complete a task that gets you closer to your goal. This is how Jerry Seinfeld became the master at comedy, he wrote jokes everyday. 

Rinse & Repeat

Everyone starts at square 1. The greats are consistent. They constantly learn and make mistakes. If there is one sure way to become the best, it's to become consistent


Wearing my T-Shirt from MotiveMethod reminds me that I have a dream to work towards. Not to mention it's great material!

– Kathryn Campbell

MotiveMethod helps me keep my eye on the prize.

– Chris Tucci

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